Dr. Doug Gulbrandsen

In a timeless parable, a man sells his farm in pursuit of diamonds, only to learn that the new owner uncovers record numbers of diamonds in the same land, waiting to be discovered. Dr. Doug Gulbrandsen, much like the new owner, is dedicated to helping individuals uncover, appreciate, and refine their inherent personal treasures.

As the esteemed host of the Inspire Vision Podcast, Dr. Doug has spent the past 15 years prior to his podcast focusing on guiding and mentoring individuals and business owners towards lives filled with happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity. His impact has been profound, as evidenced by the lasting transformation experienced by his clients.

Larry Peterson, a certified financial planner and managing member of Amicus Settlement Planners, attests to the enduring benefits of Dr. Doug’s guidance, even a decade after their collaboration. “I was prepared to be proactive for my own growth,” Larry reflects. “Dr. Doug Gulbrandsen provided me with powerful tools to achieve that growth, including cultivating an abundance mindset for both me and my wife, and leveraging our behavioral profiles to work and live more effectively within our inherent strengths.”

Dr. Doug’s influence extends far beyond theory, as his clients have witnessed remarkable shifts in every facet of their lives. One client, inspired by Dr. Doug’s training, doubled his time spent with family while simultaneously doubling his business revenue. Another client, reeling from a significant business loss, experienced an immediate elevation in their perspective of life, performance and personal relationships under Dr. Doug’s guidance.

Dr. Doug Gulbrandsen’s desired legacy though his podcasts is one of empowerment, as he continues to inspire, uplift, and drive meaningful change in the lives of those who listen and are touched.


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