Dr. Robert J. Newton, J.D., N.D.

A 2-time international best-selling author on Amazon, and with 12 other published books on Amazon, Dr. Newton has a B.A. in Speech & English, and 2 doctorates in law & natural medicine, & 10 certifications in natural healing. He developed protocols to cure cancer, AIDS, adenoviruses, including colds, flu, & covid 19, among others. He has also developed a legal form that allows one to extract themselves from the prevailing repressive commercial law and into the more equitable common law. Newton is an award-winning landscape designer & landscape contractor & stone mason & also an organic farmer. He also has two completed screenplays ready for production. For fun, Newton cuts and polishes minerals for jewelry, dances, sings, plays tennis & basketball, & hikes. For danger, he surfs, skim boards, skateboards, snowboards, & rides dirt motorcycles in extreme terrain. He has 40 years of experience and training in Kriya Kundalini Yoga, and teaches workshops in such, including the extended pranayama breathing regimen @ www.positivelifewithyoga.com and considered a guru dev and reishi in the ancient Asian Indian traditions.

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